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We set out to create a better basic. A softer fabric, a comfier fit. We did this without ego to change the way people think about their clothing choices. And we did this always keeping the environment top of mind.

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Understanding The Environmental Impact

The speed in which bamboo grows is nothing short of amazing. Some species of bamboo, once they reach maturity, can grow up to 3 feet in a day. Bamboo is a renewable resource that grows incredibly fast, yielding a regular, high harvest. Bamboo is also effective at removing greenhouse gases from the air and producing oxygen. In many places, it’s also used to help control soil erosion because of how its root system works.

Most bamboo used for fabric comes from Southeast Asia (mostly in China).

The bamboo that’s used to manufacture goods is harvested from controlled crops. Bamboo grows fast enough that there is plenty for your clothes without using the naturally occurring fields.

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